New Year’s Eve São Paulo 2020

New Year’s Eve São Paulo 2020

Considered one of the biggest parties in Brazil, New Year’s Eve party in São Paulo received 1,9 million people last year at Paulista Av. The event is free of charge and people from different parts of Brazil and the world came by.

The concert schedule starts at 6 pm on December 31st. The duo Anavitória is the first do perform on stage, followed by Marcos and Belutti, Chiclete com Banana and Lulu Santos, who will lead the countdown to the new year. During the intervals of each concert, Dj Leandro Pardí will play to shake the scene up. 

One of the featured about the party organized by São Paulo’s Town Hall are the “quiet fireworks”, due to the sensibility and discomfort that it can cause to elderly people, children, and animals. 

Another option during New Year’s Eve in São Paulo is Ibirapuera Park, where you can see the Paulista Av. fireworks and, at the same time, be surrounded by nature in the middle of the city. This event is for free too. 

São Paulo also offers several private parties with an open ban and open food. Enjoy spending midnight at Vila Madalena - one of the most trendy neighborhoods in the city. 

Besides the Paulista Av. traditional New Year’s Eve and the private parties, São Paulo hosts São Silvestre running that happens on the last day of the year and drives the city crazy with a lot of people around the streets. Pay attention to the traffic changes and recommendations of security during the period. 

Due to the great number of tourists, many bus companies asks the passengers to buy tickets in advance, because even with the extra buses, bus tickets are sold out very fast.

How to get there

How to get in São Paulo

Who travels by bus to São Paulo gets the option to disembark in three different bus stations, Tietê Bus StationBarra Funda Bus Station, and Jabaquara Bus Station, depending on the city that you are coming from. If you are flying, São Paulo hosts two airports, Congonhas Airport and Guarulhos (Cumbica) Airport.

How to get in Paulista Av.

During New Year’s Eve is recommended to choose public transportation (bus/subway) as street traffic changes to receive the crowd. 

To arrive at Paulista Av. from Tietê Bus Station you can take subway line 1-Blue to Paraíso station and change to line 2-Green to Trianon/Masp station. Consolação station is the nearest to the event, but pay attention to the subway schedule, because on December 31st it closes earlier.  

From Barra Funda Bus Station, you can take bus 778J-41 or 177Y-10 to Sumaré station and from there take line 2-Green to Trianon/Masp. If you want to make your journey only by subway, take line 3-Red until Sé station, then change to line 1-Blue until Paraíso station and from change to line 2-Green to Trianon/Masp. There is also the option to take the only bus, getting bus 175P-10. 

If you arrive at Jabaquara Bus Station and want to get to Paulista Av, take subway line 1-Blue to Paraíso station and from there change to line 2-Green to Trianon/Masp station. 

From Guarulhos Airport, you can take bus 316 (Hotels Circuit), get down on Blue Tree Hotel and walk to Paulista Av. You can also get bus line 257, which starts in Guarulhos Airport and terminates at Tatupé subway station (line 3-Red). Get in Tatuapé station and change in República station (line 4-Yellow). From there, get down at Consolação Station. There are also train services from Guarulhos Airport, which leads you until Engenheiro Goulart or da Luz stations, depending on the service. See more information here. 

If you land at Congonhas Airport, you can take a cab, uber or bus to Conceição or São Judas subway stations (line 1-Blue), change at Ana Rosa Station (line 2-Green) and get down at Consolação station. Check it out on the subway map. 

Pay attention to public transport schedule changes at the end of the year. Lines 1-Blue, 2-Green, and 3-Red may run until 2 a.m on January. After that time, it’s only possible to exit subway lines. Consolação station from line 2-Green is the nearest to the event and closes earlier, at 4 pm on December 31st.

Bus Map

Map of buses to São Paulo

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