São Paulo Bus Station - Tietê

Address: Cruzeiro do Sul, 1800 - Santana
São Paulo - SP
CEP: 02030-000

Phone: + 55 (11) 3866-1100

Tietê Bus Station, also called Rodoviária Tietê, is the most important Bus Terminal in São Paulo, and considered the biggest bus terminal of Latin America. It was inaugurated in 1982 and it is located close to the river Tietê. At Tietê Bus Station you can find buses too many destinations , including cities inside and outside the state of São Paulo and even cities outside Brazil. Furthermore, there is a train and metro station integrated with the Tietê Bus Terminal. There are more than 60 different bus companies operating in 89 bus platforms (72 arrival platforms and 17 departure platforms). From Tietê Bus Terminal you can travel to more than 1.000 different cities, to 21 states and to 5 Latin-American countries.



Tietê Bus Station is completely prepared to receive people with disability or reduced mobility.

At the bus station you will find the following facilities and services:

  • 4 adapted restrooms (2 male and 2 female restrooms) on the upper floor;
  • 2 restrooms on the lower floor (1 male and 1 female restroom);
  • 2 shower cubicle (1 male and 1 female);
  • 2 access ramps (located at the Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul and at the loading and unloading area (Pátio de Carga e descarga);
  • 9 elevators: 4 at the Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul, 2 at the second floor (arrival area north), 2 at the mezzanine (arrival area south), and 1 at the mezzanine (arrival area north and northeast);
  • 7 moving stairs;
  • 2 ATMs (Itaú and Bradesco);
  • 6 public phones for people with reduced mobility;
  • 5 wheelchairs (one wheelchair for corpulent people);
  • 68 exclusive parking slots (27 in the Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul and 41 in the Rua Prestes Maia n° 213);
  • There are no steps at the mezzanines, so there is an easy access for wheelchair users.

Lost-property office

The lost-property office is located at the information desk on the upper floor. It is opened from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. The lost items are kept at the lost-property office during 60 days. After this period, the documents will be sent to the post office and the donated items are sent to philanthropic institutions.

Phone: +55 (11) 2223-7199 extension 7109.


At Tietê Bus Station you can find shops of newspapers and magazines, snack bars, as well as gift shops and kiosks.


Additionally, you can find ATMs of different banks at the Rodoviária Tietê: Itaú, Bradesco, Banespa, Banco do Brasil, HSBC, Nossa Caixa and Banco 24 Horas. The ATMs are operating during 24 hours per day.

Parking areas

Address: Av. Cruzeiro do Sul, 2010

Operating 24 hours a day

Phone: +55 (11) 2221-0233 - The parking slots are available during 24 hours

After passing the bridge of Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul, you will find the bus terminal on the right hand side. When you pass the walkway of the metro, you will find the entrance of the parking area on the right hand side.

Baggage room

Phone: +55 (11) 2221-6335 extension 7100 - Service during 24 hours per day

Information desk

The information desk is located on the upper floor and more than 2,000 times per day information is supplied. At the information desk you can buy phone cards and you can lock your baggage. The service works during 24 hours per day.

Central Information desk for the client

The central information desk of the 3 main bus terminals of São Paulo (Tietê, Barra Funda and Jabaquara) are integrated. In total, they attend about 8,000 phone calls per day.

Phone: +55 (11) 3866-1100 - The service works from 6 a.m. until 22:30 p.m.

Arrival and departure

A screen, which is located in the waiting area of the departure sector, gives you information about the time schedule the buses arrive, as well as the name of the bus companies and the cities, where the buses come from. There are also four service desks. One of them is especially built for people with disability or reduced mobility.


There are six restrooms (male and female). They are located on the second floor and close to the departure area. There is a service to have a hot bath (male and female), which has to be paid. You can also find a baby changing facility, which is free of charge.

For additional information, please access the official website of Socicam.

Urban Mobility

Urban Bus

Next to Tietê Bus Station, you can find the urban bus station of Tietê. From the urban bus station, buses go to places all over the city. In total, there are about 15.000 different buses operating in São Paulo. The color of the buses are different, dependent on where they circulate.


Tietê Bus Station has a direct connection to the subway station of Tietê . You can get additional information on the official website of the subway.


There are two taxi stands with about 400 taxis operating at Tietê Bus Station.

Common cab: +55 (11) 2221-0555 / +55 (11) 2221-3779

Red and white cab: +55 (11) 2221-9194


There is a special bus shuttle called Airport Bus Service, which is operating between Tietê Bus Station and Airport Guarulhos (Aeroporto de Guarulhos). The Airport Bus Service goes to Congonhas Airport (Aeroporto de Congonhas), Place of the Republic (Praça da República), Tietê Bus Station, Barra Funda Bus Station, the quarter Itaim Bibi, the hotel area and Tatuapé Subway. Please find more information on the Airport Bus Service website.