São Paulo Bus Station - Barra Funda

Address: Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, 664 - Barra Funda
São Paulo - SP
CEP: 01156-001

Phone: +55 (11) 3866-1100

Barra Funda Bus Station, also called Estação Barra Funda, is the second most important bus terminal in São Paulo. It was inaugurated in 1988 and it is located in the quarter Barra Funda. Besides the buses, which go to cities of all over Brazil, you can find trains and a subway at the bus station. There are more than 30 different bus companies and 140+ bus lines, which leave from one of the 40 platforms of the bus terminal (28 arrival platforms and 12 departure platforms). The buses go to about 500 different cities all over the country.



Barra Funda Bus Station is rudimentary appropriate to attend people with disability or reduced mobility. You can find the following facilities and services:

  • 3 wheelchairs, 1 wheelchair for corpulent people;
  • 1 access ramp;
  • 4 ATMs (1 Banco Itaú and 3 Caixas);
  • 2 restrooms (1 on the basement floor and 1 on the mezzanine);
  • 2 exclusive parking slots;
  • 3 phone boxes (1 on the second floor close to the restrooms and 2 on the end of the corridor close to the ticket office).

Lost-property office

Phone: +55 (11) 2223-7199 - extension: 7109.

The lost-property office is located at the information desk and operates from Monday until Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


There are ATMs of the following banks: Itaú, Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, HSBC, Nossa Caixa, Banco 24 Horas and Santander.

Parking areas

Phones: +55 (11) 2221-0233

At Barra Funda Bus Station there are 202 parking slots. 5 parking slots are reserved for people with disability and 11 are reserved for elderly people.

Baggage room

There are 2 different baggage room systems at the bus station: One is manual and the other one is automatic. The manual system is located at the external taxi stand. The automatical system is located on the second floor of the Bus Station. The tickets for the baggage room are sold at the information desk of the bus station.


At Barra Funda Bus Station the restrooms are located on the basement floor and on the second floor. The usage of the restrooms is free of charge. However, for the usage of the shower, you have to pay a fee.

For additional information, please access the official website of Socicam.

Urban Mobility

Urban bus

In front of Barra Funda Bus Station you can find the urban bus stop of Barra Funda. The urban buses go to different quarters of the city of São Paulo.


Barra Funda Bus Station is integrated with Palmeiras Subway Station. The subway takes you to different quarters of the city. You can find additional information on the official website of the subway.


There is a taxi stand with about 150 taxis at Barra Funda Bus Station.


There is a bus, which goes from Barra Funda Bus Station to Guarulhos Airport (Aeroporto de Guarulhos). The shuttle service is called Airport Bus Service. It also goes to Congonhas Airport (Aeroporto de Congonhas), Praça da República, Tietê Bus Station, Itaim Bibi, the area of the hotels and Tatuapé Subway.

For additional information about the Airport Bus Service, please access the Airport Bus Service Website.