Carnival Rio de Janeiro 2018

Carnival Rio de Janeiro 2018

Rio de Janeiro always welcomes you with opened arms and during the biggest carnival in the world that will not be different. Hundreds of street carnival parades, carnival parties and also the oficial carnival parade, with the Samba Schools at the Sambódromo, that guarantees the happiness of millions tourists from all over the world.

Some famous street carnival parades are "Banda de Ipanema", "Simpatia é quase amor", "Afroreggae", "Sargento Pimenta" and "Cordão do Bola Preta", the biggest street parade of Rio Carnival. If you arrive a few days before the party, you can participate on a Samba School essay, to get in the mood. Another great party takes place everyday at “Praça da Cinelândia”, with bars and sidewalks turning into a big party spot.

During the days of the Samba Schools Parade - 11 and 12 of February - in the surroundings of the Sambódromo, the partygoers can enjoy the happiness and energy coming from the samba schools that makes it a great party spot.

There is no doubt, Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival is an unique and unforgettable experience!

How to get there

How to get to Rio de Janeiro

Many cities have a bus schedule to Rio de Janeiro. The arrival in Rio will be at Novo Rio Bus Station, which is located at Francisco Bicalho Street, close to downtown.

How to get to the Sambódromo

The famous Sambódromo (officially called Passarela Professor Darcy Ribeiro) is located in Avenida Marquês de Sapucaí, downtown area of Rio de Janeiro.

Is possible to get from Novo Rio Bus Station to the Sambódromo by subway. You should take a bus to Estácio Station and, from there, go into “Zona Sul” (south) direction. If you are going to Rio de Janeiro Samba Schools' Parade, you may pay attention to your ticket section in Sambodromo and get out at the nearest subway station as listed below:

To the even sections of Sambódromo (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12) you should get out at “Praça Onze Station”. Here you turn rigth twice and you will find the gate to enter into the Sambódromo.

To the odd sections of Sambódromo (3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13) you should get out at “Central do Brasil Station”. After that, you can follow the way where most of the people are doing, until arriving at the Sambódromo. The organization made a lot of signs to show the rigth way.

* The MetrôRio (subway) will work on a special schedule during Carnival days.

To get more information about tickets and Rio de Janeiro Samba Schools' Parade program, please access Rio Carnival website.

Bus Map

Map of buses to Rio de Janeiro

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