Bus times from Belo Horizonte to Rio de Janeiro

Departure and Arrival times Available Seats Price and Bus type Bus Company and Booking
08:30h Departure14:50hArrival (expected) 01Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
08:45h Departure15:45hArrival (expected) 18Available 95,25EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
09:00h Departure15:30hArrival (expected) 01Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
09:15h Departure15:35hArrival (expected) 04Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
11:00h Departure18:00hArrival (expected) 1Available 141,35SEMI-LEITO Viação UTIL  
11:15h Departure18:15hArrival (expected) 38Available 90,24EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
12:30h Departure19:30hArrival (expected) 17Available 112,86EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
12:45h Departure19:05hArrival (expected) 18Available 126,52EXEC Cometa  
15:45h Departure22:05hArrival (expected) 09Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
15:59h Departure22:59hArrival (expected) 32Available 90,24EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
16:00h Departure22:40hArrival (expected) 04Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
18:00h Departure01:00hArrival (expected) 35Available 90,24EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
21:45h Departure04:05hArrival (expected) 14Available 126,52EXEC Cometa  
22:00h Departure05:00hArrival (expected) 43Available 90,24EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
22:15h Departure05:20hArrival (expected) 2Available 93,30CONVENCIONAL Viação UTIL  
22:30h Departure05:30hArrival (expected) 42Available 90,24EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
23:00h Departure05:20hArrival (expected) 21Available 126,52EXEC Cometa  
23:00h Departure06:00hArrival (expected) 29Available 95,25EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
23:29h Departure05:49hArrival (expected) 27Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
23:30h Departure06:00hArrival (expected) 09Available 127,73GTV EX. Cometa  
23:30h Departure06:30hArrival (expected) 1Available 197,97LEITO Viação UTIL  
23:30h Departure06:30hArrival (expected) 12Available 112,86EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
23:44h Departure06:44hArrival (expected) 21Available 95,25EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
23:45h Departure06:05hArrival (expected) 09Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
23:57h Departure06:27hArrival (expected) 01Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
23:58h Departure06:18hArrival (expected) 09Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
23:58h Departure06:58hArrival (expected) 36Available 90,24EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
23:59h Departure06:29hArrival (expected) 11Available 179,00LEITO Cometa  

Parties, Festivals and other Events

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Lollapalooza 2016

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Tomorrowland Brasil 2016

Tomorrowland Brasil 2016

Visit Tomorrowland Brasil 2016, one of the most desired electronic music festivals on earth! Get information about this outstanding event and how to go to the festival by bus.

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