Bus times from Belo Horizonte to Rio de Janeiro

Departure and Arrival times Available Seats Price and Bus type Bus Company and Booking
08:30h Departure15:30hArrival (expected) 22Available 92,82CONVENCIONAL Viação UTIL  
08:31h Departure15:31hArrival (expected) 29Available 124,58SEMI-LEITO Viação UTIL  
09:00h Departure15:30hArrival (expected) 29Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
11:00h Departure18:00hArrival (expected) 42Available 84,50CONVENCIONAL Viação UTIL  
11:00h Departure18:00hArrival (expected) 10Available 110,09SEMI-LEITO Viação UTIL  
12:30h Departure19:00hArrival (expected) 24Available 127,73SEMI LEITO Cometa  
12:30h Departure19:00hArrival (expected) 09Available 120,99GTV 1.CLS Cometa  
14:00h Departure21:00hArrival (expected) 42Available 88,51EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
14:00h Departure21:00hArrival (expected) 9Available 110,09SEMI-LEITO Viação UTIL  
16:00h Departure22:40hArrival (expected) 35Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
22:15h Departure05:20hArrival (expected) 39Available 84,50CONVENCIONAL Viação UTIL  
22:15h Departure05:20hArrival (expected) 7Available 94,50EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
22:30h Departure05:00hArrival (expected) 31Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
23:30h Departure06:00hArrival (expected) 18Available 102,00SEMI LEITO Cometa  
23:30h Departure06:00hArrival (expected) 09Available 139,90GTV 1.CLS Cometa  
23:30h Departure06:30hArrival (expected) 35Available 88,51EXECUTIVO Viação UTIL  
23:30h Departure06:30hArrival (expected) 10Available 170,09LEITO Viação UTIL  
23:57h Departure06:27hArrival (expected) 34Available 91,03CONV Cometa  
23:59h Departure06:29hArrival (expected) 18Available 139,90LEITO Cometa  
23:59h Departure06:59hArrival (expected) 40Available 84,50CONVENCIONAL Viação UTIL  
23:59h Departure06:59hArrival (expected) 5Available 124,58SEMI-LEITO Viação UTIL