Belo Horizonte-MG

Belo Horizonte

The history of Belo Horizonte started in 1701 with the foundation of Arraial Curral del Rei. After it was appointed capital of Minas Gerais, it was named Cidade de Minas (in 1897). In 1901, the city was named Belo Horizonte.

Belo Horizonte (often called BH) is one of the most important cities of Brazil. It was the first planned Brazilian city. Belo Horizonte has grown continuously and has become a metropolis. However, it still has a strong connection with the nature, inspired by the numerous mountains, which surround the city.

There are a lot of tourists visiting Belo Horizonte by bus, looking for beautiful natural places, gastronomic specialities as well as numerous historic places, which are located all around the city, and in other historical cities close to Belo Horizonte.


Map of buses to Belo Horizonte

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How to get there

By bus: There are several bus companies (such as Viação Cometa, Viação Útil, Viação Gardênia and Viação Real Expresso), which are going to Belo Horizonte Bus Station (Governador Israel Pinheiro), which can be considered as the principal bus station of Belo Horizonte. Since 2014, there are several bus lines, which also operate at José Candido da Silveira Bus Station, because of the high demand during the World 2014 in Brazil.

By plane: Confins International Airport (Tancredo Neves) is located in the municipals Confins and Lagoa Santa. You can take the urban bus or the taxi to go from the airport to other quarters of Belo Horizonte. At the airport, you can find five different car rental companies. For additional information, please access the website of Confins International Airport

From Pampulha Airport, which is located close to the city center, there are a lot of national flights, connecting Belo Horizonte with a lot of other Brazilian cities. There is a special bus line, which goes from Pampulha Airport to Belo Horizonte Bus Station

Where to stay

The hotels in Belo Horizonte are especially built for people, who come to the city for business. The majority of the elderly and traditional hotels are located in the center of the city. The most recent hotels are located in the districts Savassi and Lourdes. Savassi and Lourdes are central quarters, where you can find restaurants, bars, shops and shopping centers.  

Where to go

The most famous places of interest of Belo Horizonte are projected in Pampulha Logoon. This is the place, where architect Oscar Niemeyer showed his outstanding talent. He designed buildings, which nowadays can be considered as symbols of the country.

Igreja São Francisco de Assis is one of the highlights, which is reflected in Lagoa da Pampulha.

Another outstanding architectonic building is the Museum of Arts. About 1,400 artists collaborated with the construction of the museum.

Casa do Baile is a center, where topics about urbanism, architecture and design are discussed by students and professionals of the area. Expositions, seminars and events are held in this center.  

The principal cultural center of Belo Horizonte is the Square of Liberty (Praça da Liberdade). It was the center of the government of Minas Gerais until 2010. The garden is similar to the Palace of Versalhes in France. After it was appointed as a cultural spot, the buildings were transformed into museums, memorials, or other attractions.

Another highlight is the Contemporary Art Centre (Centro de Arte Contemporânea - Inhotim). It is located in Brumadinho and can be considered as the biggest outdoor center of arts in Latin America.

Another city, which is located close to Belo Horizonte and which is definitely worth a visit, is the city of Ouro Preto. Walking through the streets of Ouro Preto is like a journey to the past. BuscaOnibus provides you with information about the bus route from Belo Horizonte to Ouro Preto.

Where to eat

The food of Minas Gerais can almost be considered as a “cultural heritage” of the country. You should definitely try the gastronomic specialities of the local kitchen such as hot cheese bread (pão-de-queijo quentinho), black beans (feijão-tropeiro), ribs (costelinha), loin with tutu (lombo com tutu) and chicken with sauce (frango ao molho pardo).

Belo Horizonte can be considered as Brazilians capital of bars. It is the city with most bars per inhabitant in the country. You should definitely visit the Central Market (Mercado Central). There are more than 400 different stands, where you can buy everything, especially products of the local culinary of Minas Gerais.

The culinary of Minas Gerais has a lot of variety. There are options for all different tastes. The typical plates from Minas Gerais are prepared with a lot of dedication. The finger food plates are often accompanied by cold beer or by the authentic Brazilian cachaça.

You can start your gastronomic tour in the district Anchieta. The most famous corners of the quarter are located in the streets Piumhi, Montes Claros, Passatempo and Boa Esperança. In those streets you will find different bars and restaurants. If you are looking for more exclusive restaurants, you should visit the quarter Belvedere, which can be considered as one of the noble district of Belo Horizonte.

The quarter Cruzeiro is also a gastronomic highlight of the city. In this quarter you can not only eat food of the culinary of Minas Gerais: Among others, you will find food of the arabic, italian, french and oriental culinary. In the quarter Santo Antônio you can find a lot of different bars. If you are looking for fast food restaurant, you should go to the district Savassi.

The quarter Serra has a special charm and you will find a lot of different nice restaurants and bars.

You can also try the delicious food of Minas Gerais during the numerous festivals, which are held in Belo Horizonte year in and year out.

Urban mobility

Currently, there are 263 bus lines circulating at te bus stattion and about 1.5 million passengers per day using the public transportation system of Belo Horizonte. The metropolitan train, carries about 120,000 passengers per day.