Carnival Recife and Olinda 2020

Carnival Recife and Olinda 2020

In Recife and Olinda you will find the most multicultural carnival of Brazil. You can enjoy two of the best carnivals in Brazil at the same time because both cities are located next to each other. 

Carnival happens from February 22 to 26 in Brazil, but on week earlier Olinda and Recife have already several pre-carnival parties with one of the biggest parties of the city. On February 16th get ready for Olinda Beer: an event that happens about 20 years already and it’s a preview of what carnival is going to be. Concerts start at 10 am at Convention Centre of Pernambuco, in Olinda, and goes until late at night. Last year, 70,000 people showed up to the event.

Carnival in Recife

Recife Carnival offers several options for amusement. You can attend the traditional street carnival parade, or go to the carnival concerts (with frevo and maracatu music style and famous Brazilian artists). There are parties for all tastes for the whole day. Most of the carnival events take place in the historical center of Recife.

Recife Carnival is also a must-go if you like big events and if you want to see the biggest carnival block party in the world. Galo da Madrugada carnival block gathers millions of revelers on the Carnival Saturday.

Carnival in Olinda

Olinda is located within a distance of six kilometers from Recife. The city is famous for its colonial style, several hills and its carnival is considered to be one of the most lively carnivals of Brazil. In the streets of Olinda, giant puppets roam the streets accompanied by brass bands and dancers. Another famous party is the carnival block Homem da Meia-Noite that happens on Saturday.

Since you can't be in both cities at the same time, we suggest you party in Olinda during the day and get to Recife historical center in the afternoon, called Marco Zero. In Recife, the party can go all night long, so you should be in good shape to handle it! There are a lot of buses circulating between both cities and it takes about half an hour to go by bus from one city to the other one.

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How to get there

Arriving in Recife

Tourists traveling by bus to visit Recife and Olinda landed in Recife Bus Terminal. The best connection to the downtown is through the subway and bus station, which is located inside of the Bus Station. From there is possible to go to downtonw, Boa Viagem, or other regions.

As Recife Bus Station is quite far from downtown (20 km / 12,4 miles), you can leave the bus before it arrive at the station. For example, if you are coming from the north, ask the driver to get down on the Derby or at BR-101 stop. For those traveling from the south, the best stop is at the Airport. If you choose these stops to leave, you should inform the bus driver.

Arriving in Olinda

There are buses that connect Recife to Olinda every half hour. Line 910 (Piedade / Rio Doce), for example, departing from Conselheiro Aguiar Avenue in Boa Viagem. There is also the taxi option. During the Carnival, there is a special bus line called Expresso Folia, which usually stops at Plaza Shopping, Riomar Shopping, Tacaruna Shopping, and Boa Viagem, in Recife. This bus goes to Recife’s Historical Center and Olinda.

Bus Map

Map of buses to Recife

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