Recife Bus Station

Address: Avenida Prefeito Antônio Pereira, s/n - Várzea
Recife - PE
CEP: 50950-030

Phone: (81)3207-1088

Recife Bus Station, which is also called TIP (Terminal Integrado de Passageiros), is the main bus terminal of Recife. It was inaugurated in 1986 and it is located in a distance of 16 km from the city center. Recife Bus Station also operates as an urban bus station and it is integrated with the subway station. The bus terminal of Recife attends approximately 12,000 passengers per day, with numerous bus lines going from Recife to different regions all over Brazil.



The bus terminal of Recife is adequate to receive people with disability and reduced mobility. You can find the following facilities at the bus station:  

  • 4 wheelchairs located at the operations center
  • Access ramps to the second floor and to the arrival platform
  • 2 exclusive restrooms for people with disability

Lost-property office

On the first floor of the bus station, you can find the lost property office, which is operating during 24 hours and seven days a week.

Baggage room

The baggage room is located on the first floor of the bus terminal of Recife, close to the post office. There is a manual baggage room service, which is operating during 24 hours.


At Recife Bus Station, you can find restaurants, snack bars, gift shops and kiosks.


There are 2 male and 2 female restrooms located on the first and on the second floor of the bus terminal of Recife. There are exclusive restrooms for people with disability as welll as for children.

Urban Mobility

Urban bus

The urban buses departure from the external departure area of the bus station. You will find buses going to different quarters of the city at different times of the day.


Recife Bus Station is integrated with the subway station. The subway line centro takes you to the principal quarters of the city.


At the bus terminal of Recife there is a taxi stand. It operates during 24 hours and the prices are fixed. You will find a price table at the bus station and you have to pay the bus ticket at the ticket office.  


As well as the bus station, the airport is connected with the subway station of the city. The subway station of the airport is called Aeroporto. So, if you want go from Recife Bus Station to the airport, you can easily use the subway. 

From the airport you can take the bus line 42 to go to different touristic points of the city. Furthermore, you can take this bus line to go to Recife  Bus Station. Please consider, that the bus line 42 does not circulate during the night, neither on Sunday or on holidays.