Curitiba, which is the capital of the state of Paraná, has already been elected the most sustainable and greenest city of the world. The city is a reference in Brazil for urban mobility and public transport. In the past, Curitiba has widely invested into the tourism sector and nowadays it can be considered as one of the high class tourism destinations of the country. There are a lot of tourists arriving at Curitiba Bus Station, some people coming to admire the city and surroundings, and others on business trips.


Map of buses to Curitiba

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Arriving in Curitiba

By bus: There are about 700,000 passengers passing through Curitiba Bus Station per months, which go from Curitiba to different places all over Latin America (and vice-versa).

By plane: Afonso Pena Airport is located in São José dos Pinhais, in a distance of about 20 kilometer from the city center. When you arrive at Afonso Pena Airport, you have several options to go to the different quarters of Curitiba: You can take the Executithe Airport Bus or the common airport bus. Those buses connect Afonso Pena International Airport, located in São José dos Pinhais, with the center of the city. The bus passes through different districts of the city. The taxi stand is located in the external departure area. Furthermore, there are several companies to rent a car at the Afonso Pena Airport. For additional information, please access the official website of Afonso Pena Airport.

Where to stay

As a big city and the capital of the state of Paraná, Curitiba offers a lot of different options of accommodation. On the one hand side, you will find hotels of a very high standard and on the other side you will also find simple guest houses or hostels. The majority of accommodations are located in the center of the city, close to Curitiba Bus Station. From this region you can easily get to other quarters of the city.  

Where to go

The main touristic points of Curitiba can be visited with a special tourist bus. The buses are similar to the ones that circulate in some European cities, such as London and Paris. The buses are known as "double decker", because they have two levels. So, you will have a beautiful view of the parks, squares and touristic attractions of the city. The bus company Linha Turismo is operating those special buses in Curitiba.

The route of the bus company Linha Turismo passes through 23 different touristic points and circulates about two hours and a half (in a distance of 44 kilometers). You can catch the bus at Praça Tiradentes, which can be considered as the starting point of the city. Alternatively, you can also get in the bus at other bus stops. The bus ticket, that you can buy in the bus, permits you to get in and off the bus four times. So, before you get on the bus, it is a good idea to plan and choose your bus stops. Linha Turismo operates from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The Barigui Park is the most frequented park of Curitiba. The park is the habitat of different animals and it is an area of natural preservation, located in the central region of the city. The access of the park is free of charge and it is opened during 24 hours per day.

One of the most famous post card images of the city is the Botanic Garden ("Jardim Botânico"). In the Botanic Garden you can find a glasshouse, which was built inspired by the Crystal Palace in London. Next to the glasshouse, you can find a beautiful french garden. The visit of the Botanic Garden is free of charge.

Between Curitiba and Almirante Tamandaré you will find Tanguá Park. The park is very well known due the beautiful sunset, you will be able to watch. In the park you can find a viewing point in a height of  65 meters as well as waterfalls, lakes, a bicycle path, a bridge, a barbecue spot and a French garden with beautiful flowers and water pools.  

At night, you will have various options to go out in Curitiba. In the quarters Batel and São Francisco you can choose between numerous bars and restaurants.

There are several cities close to Curitiba, which are the destinations for thousands of tourists. One of those cities is Ponta Grossa, which has one of the best structured parks of Paraná. In “Parque de Vila Velha” you will find beautiful lagoons and caves. Furthermore, the park is well known due to its beautiful natural sculptures. If you want to visit, please find the bus times from Curitiba to Ponta Grossa.

Another suggestion is to take the train “Serra Verde Express”, which will take you from Curitiba to Paranaguá, also stoping in Morretes. Morretes is a small city on the coast of Paraná, which is famous due to the historical construction of its buildings and due to the “Barreada”, a typical regional plate. For a faster return, you can take a bus from Paranaguá to Curitiba.

Where to eat

In Curitiba, you will find specialties from all over the world. One of the culinary highlights of the city is the quarter Batel, where you will find food from Asia, Ukraine, Portugal, France and numerous other countries.

If you like Italian food, you should definitely not miss to visit the quarter Santa Felicidade, where you will find dozen of delicious Italian restaurants. From a touristic point of view, Santa Felicidade is also very attractive, because it is one of the most traditional quarters of the city.

If you want to experience the nightlife of Curitiba, the quarters Alto da XV and Cabral are good choices not only because of its differentiated gastronomy. The quarter São Francisco is well known for the special and antique construction of its bars. In this quarter, you will also find a market with handcrafts and culinary specialities of the region.