Carnival Salvador 2020

Carnival Salvador 2020
Salvador's Carnival is one of the most famous in Brazil, with axé music, lots of street parties called “blocos” where party-goers parade following a “trio elétrico” (a popular kind of giant sound truck) and endless parties. Along with these attractions, Salvador offers beautiful beaches and rich Brazilian culture. Only who have already lived this party can speak for it and if you haven’t enjoyed one carnival in Salvador yet, this is your time! Salvador’s carnival definitely is on the list “things to do before die” and in 2020 is happening on February 21st to 26th.  

Salvador’s carnival schedule isn’t yet available, but there is one thing that is certainly like the Bahia heat: is that axé queen Ivete Sangalo will be around on the top of her “trio elétrico”! If you like axé, heat, and fun, you can enjoy Salvador’s carnival in two ways: in the streets or in Vip areas. But, if you can´t wait to have fun, before the carnival week, there is the Official Opening of Salvador’s Carnival with Fuzuê and Furdunço blocos.     

The blocos of Salvador Carnival are composed by giant sound trucks, with a stage on the top, where the main artists perform to the crowd. Party-goers must buy an “abadá”, a t-shirt that gives access to the bloco, which is supported by a car (with snacks, drinks, first aids, and even a bathroom). The security scheme is made with a rope around the bloco. A lot of people stay in the “pipoca” area. This is the area around the fenced-off blocos that follows the blocos even without having abadás do get in the main area.     

The is also the Camarote (VIP area) to enjoy Salvador Carnival. These areas are structures along with the blocos, where people can comfortably enjoy the party. Some of them offer Open Bar (drinks included) or All-Inclusive (drink and food included), exclusive concerts and parties, hairdresser and massage services, dance floor and abadá customization. To access the Camarote, you need an abadá and an access card. To access the blocos, you only need the abadá.  

Salvador Carnival circuits  
The Carnival Blocos in Salvador follows a circuit through the streets. Salvador presents three main circuits: Osmar, Dodô and Batatinha.  
Osmar Circuit (Avenue): is the most traditional circuit of the carnival. It gets off Campo Grande Square. The circuit has around 5km and it lasts about 5 hours.  

Dodô Circuit (Barra/Ondina): is considered the main circuit, where the meeting point is in front of Farol da Barra and party-goers walk the entire edge of the town until Ondina Neighborhood. The circuit has around 4km and it lasts about 4 hours. This circuit offers the most beautiful views of Salvador shores. This is the famous route where the main Brazilian artists perform, as Ivete Sangalo, Chiclete com Banana, Claudia Leitte, Daniela Mercury, Banda Eva, and others.  

Batatinha Circuit (Pelourinho): is the quietest route. With no sound trucks, families with kids prefer this way.  

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How to get there

Arriving in Salvador

You should definitely plan your journey to Salvador and make your hotel reservation in advance before you travel to the Carnival of Salvador. If you go to Salvador by bus, you will arrive at Salvador Bus Station, located in Avenida Antônio Carlos Magalhães, 4.362. 

Arriving at Pelourinho

To get to Pelourinho from Salvador Bus Station, there is the option of minibuses called "Praça da Sé" and "Comércio", that departing next to the Shopping Iguatemi. There is a footbridge linking the shopping to the terminal bus. There is also the taxi option.

Arriving at Farol da Barra

From Salvador Bus Station to get to the Farol da Barra you can take minibuses - "Praça da Sé" and "Comércio" - and get off at Porto da Barra beach.

Bus Map

Map of buses to Salvador

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