Carnival Salvador 2019

Carnival Salvador 2019

During the Carnival of Salvador, you will find streets and sidewalks full of people partying to the Axé music. The Carnival of Salvador does not only stand out for its popular music, but also for the outstanding vitality of its population. The event, considered as one of the most popular street parties on earth, happens from February 27 to March 6, 2019.

Even before the official opening, the pre-Carnival takes place. On February 23 and 24, the Fuzuê and Furdunço parties take place at the Circuito Orlando Tapajós (Barra).

The party happens in three differents circuits: Batatinha, Osmar and Dodô.

Osmar (Campo Grande): this is the most traditional circuit of the Carnival of Salvador. It happens in the center of the city, starting at "Praça Campo Grande" and passes through "Avenida 7 de Setembro", "Praça Castro Alves" to finally culminate in front of the Tropical Hotel da Bahia. The circuit is about 6 kilometers long, and the party lasts up to 7 hours.

Dodô (Barra-Ondina): this circuit covers the beaches of Barra and Ondina. The lengths of the street is about 4 kilometers. The circuit starts its "magical journey" in front of the "Farol da Barra", passes through the Avenida Oceânica and ends in the quarter Ondina. There are outstanding attractions during the carnival celebrations: this carnival circuit stands out for its Axé music and the traditional "paradinha" in the Beco de Ondina street.

Batatinha (Pelourinho): this circuit goes from "Pelourinho" and "Praça Municipal" to "Praça da Sé". The circuit is frequented mostly by families and people who prefer to enjoy a carnival more calmly. At "Praça Municipal" takes place the most traditional carnival and additionally you can see the costume competitions.

Around the circuits you will find restrooms, medical posts and police stations.

In Salvador, most of carnival blocks parties are paid. A carnival block is a group that one joins to “parade” through the streets of Salvador and follows a "trio elétrico", a giant amplified truck with a band on the top. To join a block, is needed to buy an abadá (shirt) which allows one to enter into a protective corded area roped off around the trio elétrico.

And most importantly: plan your trip in advance, guarantee your bus ticket and enjoy Salvador's Carnival without worries.

How to get there

Arriving in Salvador

You should definitely plan your journey to Salvador and make your hotel reservation in advance before you travel to the Carnival of Salvador. If you go to Salvador by bus, you will arrive at Salvador Bus Station, located in Avenida António Carlos Magalhães, 4.362. To get additional information about the Carnival of Salvador, please access the official website of the Carnival of Salvador.

Arriving at Pelourinho

From Salvador Bus Station, to get to the Pelourinho there is the option of minibuses called "Praça da Sé" and "Comércio", that departing next to the Shopping Iguatemi. There is a footbridge linking the shopping to the terminal bus. There is also the taxi option.

Arriving at Farol da Barra

From Salvador Bus Station to get to the Farol da Barra you can take minibuses - "Praça da Sé" and "Comércio" - and get off at Porto da Barra beach.

Bus Map

Map of buses to Salvador

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