Salvador is worldwide known as the capital of happiness. It is a magical place and one of the most visited touristic cities in the world. You can already feel the spirit of the city when you arrive at Salvador Bus Station. This is the place, where a lot of different buses from all over Brazil arrive every day.

Salvador was the first capital of Brazil. One of the main characteristics of the city is its cultural and ethical mixture. You can notice those cultural mixtures in the musical rhythms, in the culinary, in the religious rituals and in the architecture of its buildings. A lot of elderly houses are nowadays used as hotels, guest houses or restaurants to receive thousands of people from all over the world.

The beautiful climate in Salvador and the outstanding cultural and ethical mixture, make people from all over the world visit the capital of Bahia again and again.


Map of buses to Salvador

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Arriving in Salvador

By bus: Salvador Bus Station (also called Armando Viana de Castro) is located in the center of the city, in the quarter Pernambués. There are 19 different bus companies, which go from Salvador to numerous Brazilian cities (and vice versa). The most important bus companies are: Água Branca, Senhor do Bonfim and Itapemirim. Salvador Bus Station is located close to Shopping Iguatemi, which is located in a region, where a of different buses pass through.

By plane: Salvador International Airport is very modern and has an excellent infrastructure.

The airport is located in the suburban area of the city, close to the quarter Lauro de Freitas, in a distance of 28 kilometer from the center of Salvador. You can take a taxi at the taxi stand, which is located at the external departure, area or you can take the bus. The buses stop next to the entrance of the airport and takes you to Praça da Sé, which is located in the center of Salvador.

By boat: If you come to Salvador by boat, you will arrive at Salvador Port. The port is connected with the center of the city and it is located in the quarter Cidade Baixa. To go from the port to other quarters of the city, you can take a taxi or an urban bus. You can take the bus at one of the numerous bus stops located in the quarter Cidade Baixa. Here you can access the official website of Salvador Port.  

Where to stay

Since Salvador is a very touristic city, you can choose between a lot of different hotels during your stay. On the one hand side, you will find expansive luxury hotels, and on the other side, you will find cheap and modest guest houses or hostels. There are accommodations in different places all around the city. But the majority of hotels are located in the historical center of the city and in que quarter Pituba.

Pelurinho and Carmo are the most historical quarters of the city of Salvador. In those regions you will find a lot of historical buildings. Although the quarter is located close to a lot of touristic buildings, you should be careful in this region to guarantee a safe trip.

If you want to choose a cheaper region, the quarter Barra is a very good choice. In the quarter Barra, you can easily take the bus to go to other quarters of the city. Pituba and Rio Vermelho can be considered as residential areas and they have a nice infrastructure. There are a lot of options to go shopping in this area and you can find a wide diversity of restaurants. In the northern part of the city, you will find hotel resorts. They are more expansive, but also have a better infrastructure.

When you are looking for a place with options for nightlife, with a quiet good public transportation system and a location close to the beach, the quarter Rio Vermelho is the best choice. If you plan to go to Salvador during the peak season (the peak seasons are summer and carnival), you should make the reservation in advance. During the carnival, it is almost impossible to make a hotel confirmation last minute and prices are much higher than during the rest of the season.

Where to go

Salvador is a very nice city during the day as well as during the night. There are definitely enough alternatives what you can do during your stay in Salvador. Visiting Salvador, you will also recognize, that the city has an outstanding infrastructure.

At the urban part of the city, you will find a beach with a lot of people. If you prefer a calmer beach, you should opt for Stella Maris or Flamengo.

Visitors, who are interested in history, should definitely do a tourism tour and visitPelourinho. It is a center of african culture in Brazil. You will find museums, churches, handcrafts and historical constructions. Since it is not allowed to pass by car through this area, it is an outstanding place to go for a walk.

If you prefer to see the natural beauty of the city, you should go to lighthouse Farol da Barra during a sunny day. Currently, you can go up to the lighthouse of the fort (farol do forte). Here, you will have a beautiful view of Salvador and you can take outstanding photos.

You definitely have to get to know more about the cultural religion, which characterizes the city of Salvador. It is worth to visit the Senhor do Bonfim Church.

If you want to get to know the nightlife of Salvador, you should go to the quarter of Rio Vermelho. It is the bohemian quarter of the city, where you will find bars, restaurants and nightclubs. 

Where to eat

The culinary of Salvador is influenced by diverse cultures. "Moqueca", "bobó", "vatapá", "caruru" (all different types of fish stew) and acarajé (cookie of beans stew) are only one of the highlights of the culinary of Salvador, which stands out for its special ingredients. The culinary is characterized by a strong and spicy flavor. The food is very influenced by the indigenous culinary on the one hand side, and by the portuguese culinary on the other side.

If you want to eat a nice fish stew, you should chose the quarters Centro or Armação, where you can find really nice traditional restaurants with local food from the region. If you are looking for a cheaper restaurant, you should opt for the quarter Ribeira. Another nice quarter to try the Brazilian culinary, is the quarter Pelourinho.

In the quarter Rio Vermelho, you have a lot of different options to try the local culinary. Another nice quarter, where you can try the culinary of Salvador, is the district Itapuã. Here you will find a lot of different bars and restaurants with local specialties.