Florianópolis Bus Station

Address: Avenida Paulo Fontes, 1101 - centro
Florianópolis - SC
CEP: 88010-230

Phone: + 55 (48) 3664-9450

Florianópolis Bus Station (also known as Rita Maria Bus Station), is located next to city center, close to the bridge Governador Pedro Ivo Campos, that connects the continental part of the city with the island. It is the main bus station of Florianópolis, with buses from Florianópolis to cities from all over Brazil. There are about 20 different bus companies with about 500 different routes to cities in the state of Santa Catarina, other main Brazilian cities and cities in neighbour countries.



Florianópolis Bus Station is adapted to receive people with disabilities, wheelchair users and elderly people. At the bus station you can find the following facilities:

  • Elevators
  • Restrooms for people with disability
  • Access ramps
  • 1 stretcher
  • 2 wheelchairs


At Florianópolis Bus Station you can find the following ATMs: Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil and Banrisul.


At the bus station you can find shops with numerous different products such as clothes, perfumes, accessories and costume jewelries. Furthermore, you can find a pharmacy, kiosks and snack bars located at the food court.


At the bus station of Florianópolis you can find restrooms at the first and at the second floor. At the bathroom on the upper floor you can have a shower.

Parking areas

The bus station of Florianópolis offers parking spaces for its passengers and operates during 24 hours.


You can find a taxi stand next to the departure area.

Lost-property office

The lost-property office of the terminal is located close to the administration area of the bus station. It is working during the business hours.

Baggage room

The baggage room of the bus station is located at the lower floor of the terminal.

Urban Mobility

Urban bus

If you want to use the urban bus service in Florianópolis, you have to go from Rita Maria Bus Station to the urban bus station called TICEN. The urban bus station of Florianópolis is located next to Rita Maria Bus Station and there you will find buses going to the main quarters of the city. There are also executive buses (yellow buses). Almost all the buses, which go to the city center, have their final bus stop at the urban bus station TICEN. The executive buses have a luggage space. This is very important for the transportation of baggage during the peak hours, during this time, the transportation of baggage can be difficult in the common buses, due to the fact that they are pretty crowded.


At the exit of the bus station, you will find a taxi stand with taxis, which can take you to places all over the island. In case you need a bigger transportation vehicle than the common taxis, you should make a reservation in advance. There are different companies at the bus station, which offer a transportation service.


Hercílio Luz Airport is located in a distance of 11 kilometers from the city center of Florianópolis. It is the destination of numerous flights from cities all over Brazil. From the urban bus terminal TICEN, you can find several buses (common and executive buses) with connection to the airport.