Bus times from Rio de Janeiro to Miguel Pereira

Departure and Arrival times Available Seats Price and Bus type Bus Company and Booking
07:30h Departure09:10hArrival (expected) 41Available 38,79AC Viação UTIL  
09:30h Departure11:10hArrival (expected) 27Available 38,79A Viação UTIL  
11:30h Departure13:10hArrival (expected) 38Available 38,79AC Viação UTIL  
14:00h Departure15:40hArrival (expected) 37Available 38,79AC Viação UTIL  
16:00h Departure17:40hArrival (expected) 41Available 38,79AC Viação UTIL  
18:00h Departure19:40hArrival (expected) 35Available 38,79AC Viação UTIL  
20:30h Departure22:10hArrival (expected) 35Available 38,79AC Viação UTIL  

Rio de Janeiro bus station

Francisco Bicalho, 1 - Santo Cristo
CEP: 20220-310
(21) 3213-1800