Bus times from João Pessoa to Mossoró

Departure and Arrival times Available Seats Price and Bus type Bus Company and Booking
09:42h Departure16:42hArrival (expected) 26Available 71,78CONVENCIONAL Expresso Guanabara  
18:25h Departure01:17hArrival (expected) 31Available 72,40EXECUTIVO Expresso Guanabara  
20:05h Departure03:15hArrival (expected) 32Available 70,22EXECUTIVO Expresso Guanabara  
20:05h Departure03:15hArrival (expected) 8Available 149,97LEITO Expresso Guanabara  
20:58h Departure03:53hArrival (expected) 20Available 71,78CONVENCIONAL Expresso Guanabara  
21:15h Departure03:45hArrival (expected) 20Available 70,22EXECUTIVO Expresso Guanabara  
21:15h Departure03:35hArrival (expected) 6Available 149,97LEITO Expresso Guanabara  
21:30h Departure03:50hArrival (expected) 45Available 70,22EXECUTIVO Expresso Guanabara