Bus times from Fortaleza to Parnaíba

Departure and Arrival times Available Seats Price and Bus type Bus Company and Booking
07:30h Departure14:56hArrival (expected) 0Available 73,86CONVENCIONAL Expresso Guanabara  
10:00h Departure18:48hArrival (expected) 34Available 50,55EXECUTIVO Expresso Guanabara  
10:00h Departure18:48hArrival (expected) 9Available 93,11LEITO Expresso Guanabara  
19:00h Departure05:09hArrival (expected) 18Available 48,96EXECUTIVO Expresso Guanabara  
21:00h Departure04:49hArrival (expected) 43Available 69,94EXECUTIVO Expresso Guanabara  
21:00h Departure04:49hArrival (expected) 3Available 139,67LEITO Expresso Guanabara  
22:00h Departure06:28hArrival (expected) 39Available 69,50EXECUTIVO Expresso Guanabara  
22:00h Departure06:37hArrival (expected) 36Available 65,78EXECUTIVO Expresso Guanabara