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Tickets from São Paulo to Guaratinguetá

We found cheap bus tickets with 112 daily departures from São Paulo to Guaratinguetá and prices from R$ 71. Please choose the best departure time and proceed to book your ticket.

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Going on a round trip? Search for the cheapest fare for your return bus ticket from Guaratinguetá to São Paulo.

What's the distance from São Paulo to Guaratinguetá?

Your trip from São Paulo to Guaratinguetá has an approximate distance by road of 177 km. This route may vary according to the transport chosen.


Departing Bus Station In São Paulo And Arriving Bus Station In Guaratinguetá

São Paulo (Tietê) Bus Station

Address: Cruzeiro do Sul, 1800 - Santana
Zip Code: 02030-000

Phone: + 55 (11) 3866-1100

What Bus Companies Travel From São Paulo To Guaratinguetá?

4004 9600 | 0800 942 0030 | 0800 770 3603 (Deficientes auditivos ou de fala)
Pássaro Marron
Pássaro Marron
0800 285 30 47 | (11) 3775 3850 | 0800 888 21 22 ( Deficiente auditivo ou de fala)