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Tickets from Petrolina to Belo Horizonte

We were searching for cheap bus tickets, but for now we've only found flights from Petrolina to Belo Horizonte, with tickets from R$ 1733. Please choose the best departure time and proceed to book your ticket.

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Bus from Petrolina to Belo Horizonte with connection in Brasília:


Bus from Petrolina to Belo Horizonte with connection in Salvador:

Tip for your connection trip

On a multi-leg trip, external factors can influence the estimated time of arrival. Opt for a connection interval of at least 2 hours between one bus and another.

What's the distance from Petrolina to Belo Horizonte?

Your trip from Petrolina to Belo Horizonte has an approximate distance by road of 1598 km. This route may vary according to the transport chosen.


Arriving in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte

The history of Belo Horizonte started in 1701 with the foundation of Arraial Curral del Rei. After it was appointed capital of Minas Gerais, it was named Cidade de Minas (in 1897). In 1901, the city was named Belo Horizonte.

Belo Horizonte (often called BH) is one of the most important cities of Brazil. It was the first planned Brazilian city. Belo Horizonte has grown continuously and has become a metropolis. However, it still has a strong connection with the nature, inspired by the numerous mountains, which surround the city.

There are a lot of tourists visiting Belo Horizonte by bus, looking for beautiful natural places, gastronomic specialities as well as numerous historic places, which are located all around the city, and in other historical cities close to Belo Horizonte.

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