Paraty Carnival 2020

Paraty Carnival 2020
Paraty is a nice and cute city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with so many beautiful beaches, natural beauties and a lot of history to tell us. Known by its streets made of stone and colorful houses, it’s the destiny of many people in Carnival. Paraty’s Carnival has lots of street parties, called “blocos” where party-goers parade in a free and relaxed way, having fun with friends and family. Nowadays, there are seven Carnival blocos in Paraty: Os Paulos, Vamos que Tô, Meninos do Pontal, Paraty do Amanhã, Acadêmicos da Patitiba, Tribo do Samba and Mangueira. Arrastão do Jabaquara and Assombrosos do Morros unite art, music and fun by the streets. But the spotlights of the party are Banda Santa Cecília and Bloco da Lama. 

Bloco da Lama 

Bloco da Lama (Mud Bloco) is the most famous Carnival bloco of Paraty Carnival, catching even the media attention. It was created in 1986: some friends were bathing in the Jabaquara’s Beach mud when they realized that they were unrecognizable. Using it as their custom, they went through the city streets making a big impact.

In the following year, more people enjoyed the idea of “wear” mud as a fancy dress costume. As a result, Bloco da Lama was born, which parades on Saturday of Carnival. With mud in all their body, some old clothes, carrying skulls and bones and screaming "uga, uga, rá, rá", part-goers in Bloco da Lama remind a something like a funny prehistoric people. Tourism Office of Paraty Administration aware party-goers about the importance of cleanness and hygiene during the parade and how it may impact the city and the Historial DownTown. 

Jabaquara’s Beach is the place where people meet to parade in Bloco da Lama and, sometimes, they are allowed to get in the Historical Centre.To whom desires to escape from the buzz of the big cities, Paraty is definitely the place to be. Look for bus tickets to Paraty on BuscaOnibus website and enjoy Paraty Carnival!

How to get there

Getting to Paraty

Those who travel by bus to the city get off at Paraty Bus Station, which receives buses from the main cities of the state of Rio de Janeiro and some municipalities of São Paulo.

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