Brasília was inaugurated on 21 April 1960 by president Juscelino Kubitschek, to be the new capital od Brazil. The urban plan was created by Lúcio Costa and the architectural plan by Oscar Niemeyer. It was different to all other Brazilian cities and stood out for its outstanding architecture.

The capital of Brazil is one of the cities with the best quality of life in the country. In Brasília, you will find beautiful artificial gardens by Burle Marx, architecture from Athos Bulcão and sculptures created by Alfredo Ceschiatti and Bruno Giorgi. The city is a live museum of urban planning and modern architecture, attracting thousands of tourists that arrive daily in Brasília by bus, or by plain at Brasília Internation Airport.


Map of buses to Brasília

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Arriving in Brasília

By bus: When you go by bus to Brasília, you will arrive at Brasília Interstate Bus Station, which is located next to Brasília Metro Shopping Station. There are many buses operating daily between Brasília Bus Station and other cities, and the bus station is completely integrated with the urban transportation of Brasília, with easy access to the city buses, subway and taxi.

By plane: Juscelino Kubitscheck International Airport is located close to Lago Sul. From this airport there are flights to go to cities all over Brazil. There are several options to go from the airport to the different points of the city: You can catch the Executive Bus Line 113, one of the urban bus lines or you can catch a taxi, which are located at the external departure area of the airport. At the official website of Brasília International Airport, you can find fina addtional information about the bus schedules.

Where to stay

On the weekends, the prices of the hotels are usually reduced by half compared to the prices during the week. Plus, during the weekend, you can visit most of the touristic points of the city. This contradiction to many other touristic cities, is explained by the fact that Brasília is a business city, and most people comes to Brasília on business during the week.

It is quite easy to choose the area where to stay in Brasília. The majority of hotels are located in the hotel districts south and north (SHS and SHN). Both districts are located next to the center and you can walk to the touristic attractions of the city such as the TV Tower (Torre de TV), Ministry Area (Esplanada dos Ministérios), Cathedral and the square "Praça dos Três Poderes".

If you are looking for a quieter place, we would recommend you the area Lago Paranoá (located in the region SHTN). The region is very quiet and located close to the Alvorada Palace.

Where to go

Brasília has an intense nightlife and an outstanding cultural beauty. Beside the natural beauty (waterfalls, caves, lakes, etc.), you will find a wonderful landscape to do sports in nature. Brasília is also very well known due to its religious diversity: The Cathedral of Brasília, which was the first monument built in the city, and the Terra Pura Buddhist Temple, are two of the main touristic places of the city.

An excellent place to have a panoramic view of the city is the TV Tower (Torre de Televisão) located close to the center of the city. Next to the tower, you can find a traditional handcraft market. After enjoying the panoramic view of the city, you can go to the traditional and historical places of Brasília such as the Memorial JK, which honors ex president Juscelino Kubitschek.

Itamaraty Palace, which is one of the most visited monuments of the city, and the square “Praça dos Três Poderes” are definitely worth a visit. One of the most beautiful places to watch the beatifull sky of Brasília and the sunrise, is the famous Paranoá Lake (Lago Paranoá), an artificial lake, which can be considered as the symbol of the city.

The nightlife in Brasília is very intense, but the preference of the "candangos" (name of Brasília’s inhabitants) is a "good old bar". Those bars are usually crowded and you can find numerous of them in the northern and southern part of the city.

Another very interesting touristic point is Brasília National Park (Parque Nacional de Brasília). You can do two different trails in the park: The Capivara Trail (which takes about 20 minutes) and the Cristal Agua Trail (which takes about one hour).

There are some cities close to Brasília, which are the destination of thousands of tourists. In a distance of 150 km from Brasília you find Pirenópolis, a little city in the state of Góias, considered a Historical and Cultural Heritage. The city is surrounded by hills and waterfalls. It is one of the most famous destinations visited by tourists, who are looking for rest, adventure tourism and holidays in nature. There are a few daily buses from Brasília to Pirinópolis.

Where to eat

Brasília is the third biggest gastronomic point of the country and attracts people from all over Brazil to try the outstanding local culinary. Immigrants have contributed to the very diverse culinary of Brasília. There are restaurants from over 80 different countries.

The street comercial 404/405 Sul is known as the "street of restaurants". The streets 201/202 Sul and 213/214 Norte are also very well known for their food. The quarter Sul is one of the oldest quarters of Brasília and there you will find some nice restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

At Pontão do Lago Sul and Orla da Ponte JK you can also find nice bars and restaurants. In this area you will also find some hotels with excellent restaurants. At Vila Planalto, you will find several bars/restaurants specialized in the local culinary as well.