Porto Alegre Bus Station

Address: Largo Vespasiano Júlio Veppo, 70 - Centro
Porto Alegre - RS
CEP: 90035-040

Phone: + 55 (51) 3210-0101

Porto Alegre Bus Station is the third biggest bus terminal of the country due to its infrastructure and its numerous bus companies, which operate between Porto Alegre and other Brazilian cities. There are bus companies going to cities in and outside the state of Rio Grande do Sul and even to cities outside the country. The bus terminal works during 24 hours and they have a full time security service, which is provided by the Police Department.



Porto Alegre Bus Station is completely adequate to attend people with disability and elderly people. You can find the following facilities at the bus station:

  • Ramps
  • Stairrails
  • Adapted restrooms
  • Wheelchairs

Lost-property office

The lost-property office of the bus station of Porto Alegre is located close to the administration area of the terminal. It works during the business hours.


At the bus station of Porto Alegre you can find ATMs of the following banks:

Banrisul, Bradesco and Banco do Brasil.

Parking areas

At the bus terminal of Porto Alegre there is no own parking space. There is just a slot for arrivals and departures. If necessary, the passengers can park their cars at the parking slots located next to the bus terminal.

Baggage room

The baggage room of the bus station of Porto Alegre is located next to the left entrance of the terminal.


At the bus terminal of Porto Alegre you can find different shops, for example, a pharmacy, a post office, snack bars, restaurants and numerous other shops.


At the bus station of Porto Alegre, there are three restrooms. They are located on the first and on the upper floor and they are free of charge. There is one restroom adapted for people with disability, which is located on the first floor.

For additional information, please consult the company responsible for the bus station: Socicam.

Urban Mobility

Urban mobility

The transportation system of Porto Alegre is one of the most modern of the country. In total, there are 403 different bus companies, 623 school buses, 3,920 taxis and 1,704 buses circulating at Porto Alegre Bus Station.


Porto Alegre Subway Station has 22 stops and attends about 228,000 passengers per day (in a distance of 43.3 km). The Subway Line 1 is integrated with the bus station of Porto Alegre. It is located in Av. Castelo Branco in front of the bus station.


There are about 400 taxis circulating daily at Porto Alegre Bus Station.


From Porto Alegre International Airport, which is also known as Salgado Filho Airport, you can fly to the principal cities of Brazil. There are also some international flights to countries such as Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

You can go by subway from Porto Alegre Bus Station to Porto Alegre International Airport (you have to go in direction to Novo Hamburgo). You have to leave at the subway stop Estação Aeroporto (three subway stops, the route takes about 8 minutes).

The Aerotrem (overground train) takes you from the subway station to Terminal 1 of Salgado Filho Airport.