Curitiba Bus Station

Address: Avenida Presidente Afonso Carmargo, 330 - Jardim Botânico
Curitiba - PR
CEP: 80060-090

Phone: (41) 3320-3000 | (41) 3320-3232

Curitiba Bus Station, known as Rodoferroviária de Curitiba, can be considered as the main bus terminal of the city. Curitiba Bus Station was inaugurated in 1972 and it is located in front of the municipal market “mercado municipal” in the center of Curitiba. In total, there are about 35 bus companies with more than 140 bus lines, which take the passengers to different places of the city of Curitiba, the state of Paraná or even to other states of the country. About 900,000 passengers pass through the bus terminal per month.



Curitiba Bus Station is appropriate for passengers with disability or reduced mobility. You can find ramps, stair rails and restrooms for people with disability. At the bus station there are assistants trained to help people with disability or reduced mobility.

Lost-property office

The lost-property office is located at the administration area of the bus station. The items, which are found, are retained and registered for a period of 90 days. After the period of 90 days, the items are sent to the Social Foundation. At the Social Foundation, the documents are retained for a period of one week. After this period, they are sent to the post office.


At the Curitiba Bus Station there are ATMs of the following banks:

  • Banco 24 horas, located at the interstate block "bloco interestadual" on the basement floor in front of gate H;
  • Banco Itaú, located at the external area of the interstate block "bloco interestadual" on the basement floor.

Parking areas

At the Curitiba Bus Station there are 2 parking areas with 269 parking slots.

  • Parking A "Estacionamento A": 130 common parking slots and 13 special parking slots (operating 24 hours);
  • Parking C "Estacionamento C": 114 common parking spaces and 12 special parking spaces (operating from 6:00 to 23:30).

Baggage room

Phone: +55 (41) 3320-3025

The baggage room is located at the interstate block "bloco interestadual" on the basement floor and it works during 24 hours per day.


There are about 50 different shops at the Bus Terminal of Curitiba:

A pharmacy, different snack bars, restaurants, coffee shops, kiosks with magazines and newspapers. There is also an internet-service, an hairdresser, a post office and a bookstore.


At the bus station, there are restrooms, which are accessible for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility. You can find the following facilities and services at the bus station:

  • Second floor: 4 male restrooms, 4 female restrooms and 4 restrooms accessible for wheelchair users;
  • Basement floor: 4 male restrooms, 4 female restrooms (both accessible for wheelchair users);
  • The usage of the restrooms inside the Terminal A of the bus station is free of charge;
  • There is the possibility to have a bath, which is offered at the hairdresser, located at the interstate block on the second floor.

For additional information, please access the official website of Socicam.

Urban Mobility

Urban bus

There are urban buses, which circulate on exclusive bus lanes, which go from the urban bus station to different quarters of the city. In front of Curitiba Bus Station you will find the urban bus station of Curitiba (Rodoferroviária).


You can find a taxi stand in front of the departure area of Curitiba Bus Station.


To go from the bus station to the airport (Aeroporto Afonso Pena), you can take the airport executive bus.