Brasilia Bus Station

Address: SMAS Trecho 4, s/n - Asa-Sul
Brasília - DF
CEP: 70610-635

Phone: +55 (61) 3234-2185

Brasília Bus Station, known as Rodoviária de Brasília, is one of the most modern bus stations of Brazil. The bus station was inaugurated in 2010 and the sustainability of the bus station was taken in consideration when it was built. The bus terminal is located close to the street “Epia”. In total, there are around 40 bus companies with many bus lines circulating between Brasília and other Brazilian cities. The buses transport about 140,000 passengers per months to different cities of the country.



 Brasilia Bus Station is rudimentary appropriate to attend people with disability. At the bus station you will find the following facilities and services:

  • 1 stretch, located at the information desk;
  • 2 wheelchairs, located at the information desk and at the customer service point close to the information desk;
  • 2 special restrooms for people with disability, located close to the entrance hall;
  • 1 parking slot for people with disability, located at the loading and unloading area, and 2 parking slots located in front of the bus terminal;
  • 1 Public phone for people with disability.

At Brasilia Bus Station there are assistant services to help people with disability or reduced mobility. You can find wheelchairs and stretchers for the transport. Special services accompany people with disability, so that they don't have to go up or down the stairs alone.

Lost-property office

Phone: +55 (61) 3234 2185

The lost-property office is located at the administration area of the bus station and it works from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


At Brasilília Bus Station there are ATMs of the following banks: Banco do Brasil, Banco BRB, Caixa Econômica Federal, Nossa Caixa and Banco 24 horas.

Parking areas

There are two different types of parking areas at Brasilia Bus Station. One private parking area with about 160 parking slots and a public parking area with about 65 parking slots. There are some parking slots for the loading and unloading, which are located next to the entrance hall of the bus terminal. Furthermore, you can find 5 parking slots for elderly people, 5 parking slots for people with disability and 15 parking slots for motorbikes.


At Brasilia Bus Station you can find different coffee shops, snack bars, gift shops, fashion stores, bookstores as well as car rental offices.


In total, there are 14 restrooms located at different areas of the bus station. You can even take a shower at the bus station, but you have to pay a fee.

For additional information, please access the official website of Socicam.

Urban Mobility

Urban Bus

In front of Brasília Bus Station you will find the urban bus station of Brasilia. From the urban bus station, you can go to different quarters of the city.

To get additional information about the urban bus station of Brasilia, please access the website of DF TRans.


The subway station (Estação de Metrô Shopping) is located in front of the bus station. There are two subway lines, which take you to different quarters of the city.


There is a taxi stand at Brasília Bus Station with about 150 taxis circulating per day.


You can catch the Executive Bus (Ônibus Executivo ) to go from the city's airport to Brasília Bus Station (and vice versa). The executive bus also passes through the historical center (where you will find - among others - the cathedral, the national congress and the national theater) and through the areas where most of the hotels are located (since the city was planned, most of the hotels are located in the southern or the northern part of the city).