Bus times from Penápolis to São Paulo

Departure and Arrival times Available Seats Price and Bus type Bus Company and Booking
07:40h Departure15:30hArrival (expected) 28Available 129,84Convencional Reunidas Paulista  
10:20h Departure17:50hArrival (expected) 12Available 129,84Convencional Reunidas Paulista  
10:20h Departure17:50hArrival (expected) 29Available 129,84Convencional Reunidas Paulista  
14:10h Departure22:00hArrival (expected) 29Available 129,84Convencional Reunidas Paulista  
16:10h Departure23:00hArrival (expected) 23Available 127,50CONVENC Expresso de Prata  
22:20h Departure05:35hArrival (expected) 27Available 129,84Convencional Reunidas Paulista  
22:35h Departure05:30hArrival (expected) 12Available 245,66Leito Reunidas Paulista  
22:35h Departure05:30hArrival (expected) 2Available 245,66Leito Reunidas Paulista  
22:40h Departure06:00hArrival (expected) 16Available 129,84Convencional Reunidas Paulista  

São Paulo (Barra Funda) bus station

Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, 664 - Barra Funda
CEP: 01156-001
+55 (11) 3866-1100

Parties, Festivals and other Events

Rock in Rio 2017

Rock in Rio 2017

From 15 to 24 September will take place Rock in Rio 2017, one of the biggest music festivals on earth. Find information about the event and how to get to Rio de Janeiro by bus.

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