Bus times from Curitiba to Florianópolis

Departure and Arrival times Available Seats Price and Bus type Bus Company and Booking
01:15h Departure05:30hArrival (expected) 34Available 60,09CONV. AR+WC Catarinense  
01:41h Departure06:06hArrival (expected) 25Available 43,80CONVENCIONAL COM W/C Eucatur  
Bus Company: www.eucatur.com.br
02:15h Departure07:00hArrival (expected) 36Available 73,72EXECUTIVO DD Catarinense  
02:15h Departure07:00hArrival (expected) 06Available 130,27LEITO DD Catarinense  
03:40h Departure09:20hArrival (expected) 17Available 43,80CONVENCIONAL COM AR Eucatur  
Bus Company: www.eucatur.com.br
04:55h Departure09:30hArrival (expected) 48Available 43,80CONVENCIONAL COM W/C Eucatur  
Bus Company: www.eucatur.com.br
05:15h Departure10:10hArrival (expected) 28Available 60,09CONV. AR+WC Catarinense  
06:30h Departure11:10hArrival (expected) 27Available 73,72EXECUTIVO DD Catarinense  
06:30h Departure11:10hArrival (expected) 08Available 130,27LEITO DD Catarinense  
07:15h Departure12:10hArrival (expected) 22Available 60,09CONV. AR+WC Catarinense  
07:50h Departure11:50hArrival (expected) *Time Not Confirmed 60,40CONV Expresso do Sul  
08:30h Departure13:10hArrival (expected) 33Available 73,72EXECUTIVO DD Catarinense  
08:30h Departure13:10hArrival (expected) 08Available 130,27LEITO DD Catarinense  
09:15h Departure14:10hArrival (expected) 26Available 60,09CONV. AR+WC Catarinense  
09:30h Departure14:10hArrival (expected) 34Available 73,72EXECUTIVO DD Catarinense  
09:30h Departure14:10hArrival (expected) 04Available 130,27LEITO DD Catarinense  
10:30h Departure15:10hArrival (expected) 37Available 73,72EXECUTIVO DD Catarinense  
10:30h Departure15:10hArrival (expected) 09Available 130,27LEITO DD Catarinense  
11:15h Departure16:10hArrival (expected) 37Available 60,09CONV. AR+WC Catarinense  
12:30h Departure17:10hArrival (expected) 31Available 73,72EXECUTIVO DD Catarinense  
12:30h Departure17:10hArrival (expected) 08Available 130,27LEITO DD Catarinense  
13:15h Departure18:20hArrival (expected) 31Available 60,09CONV. AR+WC Catarinense  
13:45h Departure17:45hArrival (expected) *Time Not Confirmed 60,40CONV Expresso do Sul  
14:30h Departure19:10hArrival (expected) 33Available 73,72EXECUTIVO DD Catarinense  
14:30h Departure19:10hArrival (expected) 08Available 130,27LEITO DD Catarinense  
15:15h Departure20:25hArrival (expected) 38Available 60,09CONV. AR+WC Catarinense  
16:30h Departure21:10hArrival (expected) 34Available 73,72EXECUTIVO DD Catarinense  
16:30h Departure21:10hArrival (expected) 09Available 130,27LEITO DD Catarinense  
17:15h Departure22:25hArrival (expected) 39Available 60,09CONV. AR+WC Catarinense  
18:50h Departure23:30hArrival (expected) 33Available 73,72EXECUTIVO DD Catarinense  
18:50h Departure23:30hArrival (expected) 03Available 130,27LEITO DD Catarinense  
19:15h Departure00:10hArrival (expected) 36Available 60,09CONV. AR+WC Catarinense  
21:15h Departure02:05hArrival (expected) 38Available 60,09CONV. AR+WC Catarinense  
23:15h Departure03:45hArrival (expected) 41Available 73,72EXECUTIVO DD Catarinense  
23:15h Departure03:45hArrival (expected) 09Available 130,27LEITO DD Catarinense  
* It was not possible to confirm this bus time. Please confirm with the bus company.

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